The Best Tips for Settling into the Golden State


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Welcome to California!  With so much to see and do, we’re sure you are going to love living in the Golden State.  To help you get settled, here is some great advice.  


Meet Up with Friends


One of the best ways to get to know your new area is to network with friends.  Even if you don’t know anyone in California – yet! – you will probably find that many of your existing contacts have family, friends or acquaintances that do.  Experts from Inc. say reaching out to them for information and advice can help to begin building your new network.  Post on social media that you’re seeking advice and you are sure to find some help from someone you already know.


Get Out and About


Another great way to feel at home in a new place is to schedule some activities.  It will give you something to look forward to and allow you to get more acquainted with California’s culture.  This state is rich in cultural events, so when you are making plans, be sure to include some of the many art districts.  These colorful hubs of creativity and inspiration include art galleries, music venues, dance clubs and various cinemas. 


Of course, along the way you need to take in the restaurant scene.  There is plenty throughout the state to tantalize your taste buds!  And getting to know the cuisine in a new area not only gives you a chance to find your new favorite eateries, but also to potentially connect with locals.  Talk with people while you’re exploring and find out what they recommend.  


Walking Tours


Whenever you’re ready to stretch your legs, a terrific way to learn more about the area is to enjoy a walking tour.  There is nothing quite like navigating a new place on foot, and it’s the best way to discover what is close and convenient.  You take in the local landscape first hand and notice details you would miss in a vehicle.  Fodor’s has a nice variety of scenic tours to help you explore everything the state has to offer. 


Get Behind the Wheel


Ready for a drive?  California is home to a rich and flourishing variety of natural attractions, offering the most diverse collection of parks in the country.  The scenery is fantastic!  Be sure to investigate the redwood forests, the sandy coastline, the deserts and mountains.  The California Department of Parks and Recreation offers maps and detailed information about the many parks and related museums and facilities.  Check out their live video gallery for an initiation of what breathtaking wonders await!


Take in the Wine Country


Settling into California won’t be complete without including the wine country.  USA Today recommends  either taking an organized tour or planning your own informal one via bus ride or limo so you can imbibe without driving.  Over 300 wineries call Napa Valley home, and Sonoma Valley is host to over 200  If you plan to do your own driving, map your route in advance and consider staying in a hotel for your convenience.  


Set Up Your Business


If your goal is to set up a business in California, it’s important to have everything you need to make it a success. First, research the different LLC requirements you’ll need to meet in order to legally do business in the state. You can connect with a company like Zenbusiness that can assist you with LLC formation in California.


When you’re ready to spread the word about your business, work with a California-based developer to help you create a website specifically for your services. If that’s outside of your budget at the moment, use a free web design tool to stake your claim online. You can complement that free tool with a banner generator to create eye-catching web graphics.


Settle In


Once you are familiar with the area, you will want to make your best choice in housing.  Explore your real estate options through website services.  You can find pricing, maps, home features and other important data about available properties.  Be sure to reach out to Starpoint Real Estate for help navigating what’s available; the best properties move quickly and they can assist you with finding your perfect home in a highly competitive market!  You can complete the settling-in process by selecting and setting up your internet and cable package, turning on your utilities, and last but not least, meeting the people you’ll call neighbors.


We’re so glad you’ve decided to call the Golden State home, and we know you’ll love it here.  Enjoy settling in and exploring the rich landscape and culture of California!


Starpoint Real Estate can help you find the perfect house when you’re ready to call California home.  Get in touch with us today by calling (209) 474-6579.

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